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How to Become a Foster Parent in Manchester

A Manchester foster agency can help you become a foster carer in no time. Take note that becoming a carer is a full-time commitment, and you must follow these essential steps.


1.Contact A Manchester Fostering Service

This is the first and crucial step in fostering. You must call a Manchester fostering service and tell them about your wish to foster a child. Usually, you need to visit an agency personally, but you may also call or fill out an online contact form. Upon receipt of your request, this will be processed, and then you will be scheduled for a visit. This can happen in just a few days of your application.


2.Prepare For An Initial Home Visit 

The foster care agency will notify you of a scheduled visit. You may confirm the scheduled appointment, or you can request for a date you are likely available. This visit will help the agency get to know you and your family. A representative will meet you and will find out if fostering is right for you.


3.Get Ready For Background Checks 

The agency will further assess your capabilities of fostering by making background checks. You will be checked against any personal, medical, or police records.


4.Attend A Special Fostering Course

Once you have passed a thorough background check, you will be invited to attend a short fostering course. This course will help you find out more about this service and how you can prepare yourself, your family, and your home to welcome a foster child.


5.Work With A Social Worker

After the course, you will be working with a social worker to complete the assessment. You will be visited regularly also to get to know you and your sustainability to become a foster parent. All the information that the social worker gathers will be included in a report.


6.Wait For A Recommendation

This report will be presented to a fostering panel, and this group will approve or disprove a fostering request. The board will recommend your sustainability as a carer or will dismiss your request.

Once the panel approves your request, you may now welcome a foster child to your home. A social worker will continuously work with you and will also prepare a child who will come to stay with you and your family.