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How To Apply For The ETA Canada Authorization


Although you can travel from the United States into Canada without needing any type of additional documentation, that is not true for those traveling from alternate countries. To get authorization, you must visit the main Canadian website to apply through the eTA Canada program. Once you have been approved, you can travel into Canada for a period of about five years. The only deviation from this would be if the passport that it is attached to expires. This is how you can go through the process of obtaining your electronic travel authorization through the Canadian government website.

Visit The Canadian Government Website

Once you are there, you will scroll down to the area which allows you to submit your eTA information. The application is relatively short, and it will cost seven dollars in Canadian money to do this. Similar to the one provided in the United States, it has a database of all of the countries and citizens of those countries that are approved. If you are not in that category, you will not be admitted in. If there are any questions regarding your approval, the information they request can be submitted directly to this department.

How Long Does This Process Take?

The process itself is relatively simple. You simply enter in personal information, provide your credit card, and the process will be completed. It is designed to be simple, yet it is one of the more comprehensive ways of admitting people into this country. There is no need to get a visitor visa, especially if you are already a permanent resident of Canada. Once you have been approved, there is no paperwork that needs to be printed. All of this will be done digitally and attached to your passport so that you can use you eTA Canada approval to enter into this country.