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5 Signs To Know When You Need To Repair Your Siding

While you might think you can continue to get away with avoiding siding repair, it might be time to give in. While siding certainly lasts a long time, there are specific signs that signal it’s time for a replacement. In this article, we will be going over a few of them.

5 Signs To Know When You Need To Repair Your Siding:

1. You Constantly Require Repainting

If you find yourself with constant chipping and pealing on your siding, it’s likely time to replace it entirely. When your siding is in proper condition, it will maintain its color for a long time. When you are constantly dealing with paint falling off or peeling off your siding, it’s a clear sign that your siding is deteriorating.

2. Spikes In Your Home Energy Costs

While there are plenty of things that can cause your home’s energy costs to spike including roof damage, it can also be a clear sign that your siding needs to be replaced. If you have found that your roof is in optimal condition and everything else seems in order, it might be your siding that is causing cold or hot air to ‘leak’ outside. Siding that has suffered damage or siding that has simply run its course is likely to cause both your heating and cooling system to work much harder.

3. The Siding Has Been Damaged

While siding can withstand a lot of harsh elements, there are cases in which siding can be damaged by severe storms or even from animals. Whether you have woodpeckers hammering your siding or strong winds blew hail into your siding, the damaged siding will eventually require replacement.

4. Warping Siding

Over the course of its life, you will find siding eventually begins to warp. Not only does this make your siding look bad, but it can compromise the integrity of the siding which can pave the way for excess moisture to seep in. Any siding that has begun to warp will require placement.

5. Mold Growth

Mold or fungus growth is one of the clear signs that your siding has been compromised and that excess moisture has managed to find its way into it. If you are experiencing a lot of mold growth, you will want to call an expert immediately because it might be penetrating your walls which can present even bigger trouble.

As you can see, siding should last quite a while. However, once you begin to notice the 5 signs mentioned above, your siding might be past due for a replacement. Call on Nova Exteriors for affordable and high-quality siding replacement in Northern Virginia.