What You Need To Know About Langkawi Cable Car Ride

Langkawi Cable Car is known as one of the best cable-car rides in the world as this ride takes visitors to a height of 708 meters to the peak of Mount Mat Cincang. It also offers the most breathtaking views over the Andaman Sea, islands, valleys, and mountains.

The entrance to Langkawi Cable Car can be found in Oriental Village which is located at bottom of Mount Mat Cincang in Patai Kok. When you have purchased your tickets you are then sent to a waiting area. The cables cars also known as gondolas arrive every 30 minutes and can accommodate up to 6 people.

Before taking off, the doors automatically close. This ride involves 2 sections. In the 1st section, you will be taken to a middle station, while the second part of the ride takes you right up to the Top Station. The slope or gradient in the first part of the ride is said to be the steepest you can find.

As the cable car starts to move up the temperature starts to drop quickly. A cool breeze will start to flow in through ventilation slits at the top of the cable car. When you look up you will be able to view the Middle Station on the top of the ridge and when looking down you will clearly see the red roofs of the Oriental Village.

The overall distance that these rides cover all the way to the Top Station is around 2.1 km. Along the way, visitors are able to take in the magnificent views of the rain forests, waterfalls, valleys, mountain flora and wildlife, which includes a number of bird species.

At the Middle Station, you can either choose to get off the ride or you can carry on riding up to the Top Station. Both the stations offer viewing platforms to soak up the magnificent views all around. Yet most will agree that the views from the top are the best.

When the cable car departs from the Middle Station you will experience a jolt which is slightly unnerving. This feeling is even worse as you start to descend. Yet, the ride from the Middle to the Top station is enjoyable as the gradient is easier, while the gondola will traverse from the one peak to the next which involves a very gentle slope.

The Langkawi Cable Car was constructed over the period of April 2001 to August 2002. In October 2002, the cable cars opened for public use.