4 Things to Consider When Moving Heavy Objects

One of the challenges of moving to a homeowner is moving heavy objects. Heavy, bulky objects can make even a local move to a nightmare. But if you live in around Jackson, you can guarantee that movers Jackson TN will help you move with heavy objects safely and more efficiently. Remember these 4 important tips:

Always Wear Safety Equipment

Remember to wear appropriate protective equipment. Use gloves to prevent injury when lifting things with sharp edges. Use safety boots to protect your feet and toes from falling objects. Remember to place signs, marks, and tapes to remind people that you are passing by and moving heavy things from your home to the moving truck. 

Other safety equipment that may be worn accordingly include safety goggles to protect your eyes and a helmet to secure your head from falling objects. Everyone who participates in the move should use personal protective equipment.

Use Moving Tools

There are special moving tools that will help you move heavy objects, lift these from the floor and transport these safely. Workers use special handles or holders which are attached to heavy loads. Handles help move large objects safely and quickly. 

Use moving platforms to transport moving objects from one point to another. Moving platforms have caster wheels which will help you move the load safely leaving your floors safe and scratch-free. 

Add Blocking Materials

Blocking materials support the load securely. This could be a piece of plywood which is placed under the load or on the side of the load to support it. It should be in good condition, must not have any cracks, splinters or rotting areas. 

Be careful when placing a load over a blocking material. Never release a load unless all the hands are moved from the material. 

Lift Heavy Objects Properly

Always use correct lifting techniques when moving heavy objects. Bend your hips and your knees to a squatting position near the heavy object. Then, straighten your legs as you lift the object. To properly secure your back and to help you move heavy objects more efficiently, wear a lumbar strap or support.

if you think that you can’t lift a heavy load, ask help. Never overestimate the weight of an object no matter how big or how large it may be.

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