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Money Trumpet: The Best UK Direct Lender


Looking for ways to get approved for a loan? One of the best options is to apply from a direct lender. Direct lender loans provide financing directly to small business owners, without the middleman. In your search for the best lender, a professional and straight forward loan introducers service like Money Trumpet would be a handy tool for you. Here are the following benefits that Money Trumpet offers you:

  • Easy Applications

Through Money Trumpet’s website, you can easily apply for a loan from your computer or smartphones, from the office, the beach, or wherever you are. Instead of making personal appointments, meeting with lenders, and accomplishing lengthy applications, all you have to do is answer some quick questions online about your business and wait for them to contact you.  Moreover, the process of looking for potential direct lenders is pretty straightforward. If you’re a UK resident and have a stable source of income and address history, Money Trumpet can help you get a loan in as fast as 2 minutes. 

  • Quick Approvals

Money Trumpet has a good record. They introduce their clients to Monevo, a free website that allows you to browse for loans from multiple direct loan providers. They work with various direct loan lenders to find the best lending option for your circumstance.Responses from direct lenders generally don’t take long. In most cases, online lenders can approve your application for financing within the day.

  • Responsible Lending 

Money Trumpet provides you a list of lenders authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority. They make sure that they only show you lenders that follow the UK lending laws. All the lenders that they introduce to you have undergone complete consumer checks to ensure efficient security. Take note that Money Trumpet is a loan introducer service. They only help you shop for the best lender available for your circumstance and doesn’t directly provide credit loans. They are the officially appointed representative of Quint Group Limited, which supports responsible lending and borrowing. 

  • Transparency

Money Trumpet shows you all the essential details you need to know about your loan. There are no hidden fees and costs. You can easily monitor your loan at any time of the day to see how much more credits you have to pay back to your lender. If you’re looking for a hassle-free loan application or financing in the UK, direct online loans from Money Trumpet may be an attractive option. They can help you find the best suitable direct lender for your small business.