Difference Between an ETA and CanadaVisa

What’s the Difference Between an ETA and CanadaVisa?


When you’re applying for a visa for your out of the country trip, you can get easily confused as to what kind of travel authorization you should be applying for. If you are flying to Canada, you might either need an eta kanada or a visa. Don’t waste your time and resources applying for the wrong one and take this guide to know better about the travel authorizations.


How is One Different From the Other?

A lot of people get confused and think that eTA and Canadian visa is the same thing. A visa is a physical authorization, like a stamp or sticker that is put on your passport, which allows you to enter the foreign country of your choice. You can file for a visa from your embassy, which will require you to fill out a lot of paperwork. After that, you will have to wait until the immigration officer approves it. Citizens from several countries are required by the Canadian government to get visas before entering their borders.


On the other hand, an eTA is a lot simpler. If your country is allowed by Canada to be visa-free, you will only have to get an eta kanada. Applying for this won’t require your physical presence since it will electronically connect your passport to the Canadian database once it is approved.


Am I Eligible for an ETA?

If you are a foreign national from a visa-exempted country, who is traveling through a plane, any other means of travel will not require you to get an Eta. If you are a lawful permanent resident in the US traveling through a Canadian airport, you will only have to apply for an eTA and not a Canadian visa.


The eTA application is also limited to airplane travels so if you are crossing the border with a car, train, bus, boat, or a cruise ship, you will have to apply for another thing called the visitor visa. Natural born American citizens are also exempted from both the eTA and Canadian visa.


How do I Apply for an ETA?

ETA Application is quite simple and will only require a few minutes. The approval letter is usually sent to the email of the applicant through email within minutes after submitting the forms. The eTA will cost you CAD $7, and you can only apply and pay for one person. Completing the form would require you to enter details about your credit or debit card, email address, and passport.

Applying for an eTA might take you several days if you are asked to submit other supporting documents, so it is better to apply for it way before your flight. If you are still unsure about these travel authorizations, you can ask your embassy or the travel agency to help you clarify things.