How to Install a Shade Sail

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the fresh breeze the outdoor brings, but the sun is too blazingly hot? Want to read a good book while sipping ice-cold juice under the natural light without burning your skin? Then I suggest you get a shade sail now! They are relatively cheap and quite easy to set up with these helpful tips.

Before Starting

  • Identify the Right Fixing Points

After finding the perfect spot for your shade sail, choosing the right fixing points for the corners is essential. These fixing points can sometimes be predetermined, such as a sundeck, large tree, fascia, or fence post. Making sure that your fixing points are sound and stable is very critical to avoid unwanted accidents. If not, it’s better to call an engineer for advice.

  • Selecting Fixing Accessories

These are the tools and equipment you might need to secure your shade sail:

    • Tape measure
    • Eye bolts or eye lag bolts
    • Drill
    • Support posts
    • Polyester Rope
    • Quick-setting concrete

Attaching Existing Supports

  • Attaching to Fascia

If you plan on attaching the shade sail to a fascia, it is highly recommended to use fascia support. It connects the rafter overhangs to a fascia’s ledgers to provide stronger support.

  • Attaching to trees

It is more advisable that the tree attachment of shade sails is temporary because of how unstable trees can be. The tree diameter should at least be 9.75 inches.


To have strong footholds, dig holes that are 32 inches deep and make sure they are measured at the center of footing positions.

  • Firm Ground

At the base of the attachment, apply gravel at a depth of ¾ inches.

  • Soft Ground

Pouring concrete at a depth of 4 inches at the bottom of the hole for a more solid base. Make sure the inserted posts are in a straightened position. You can brace the posts temporarily for extra support.

  • Concreting

Make sure to cautiously follow the supplier’s instructions on how to mix the concrete properly. These instructions can be found labeled on the packet you bought. Pour the properly mixed concrete above the holes. Don’t forget to slope it away to avoid water stagnation. Let the concrete set for 48 hours and apply bracing if necessary.

After fixing all the necessary mounting points, make sure they are firmly secured and are facing towards the sail’s midline. Double check the mounting point to make sure they are reliable enough. Finally, open your shade sail and finish the installation to start that much needed outdoor relaxation.…

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