3 Pest Control Methods You Should Know About

There are other methods of controlling pests around your home, garden, and community. These actions are quite relatable to simple cleaning and living healthily. However, you can call pest control gilbert as a last resort if the infestation has become severe for the mentioned methods.


When your house or yard is maintained with cleanliness, pests won’t find any food or area for thriving and breeding. This, in turn, leads to fewer pests and less hassle. Control pests by following these simple hygienic ways:

  • Always clean up every after a meal. Throw your food scraps away, immediately wash and dry plates and utensils after use instead of letting them lay around.
  • Before throwing away your food scraps, wrap them inside an airtight plastic to avoid rodents smelling them.
  • Remember to clean behind refrigerators, stoves, and other household appliances regularly.
  • If you have food stored in containers, make sure the lids are airtight.
  • Use your toilet properly. Your bathroom is among the dirtiest in your home, so keeping it clean will also keep the roaches and other insects away.
  • You can install screens on your windows and cover up holes on your pipes to keep pests from entering your home.

Biological Control

Biological control typically includes using the pest’s natural enemies and interfering with their breeding ability biologically without the use of pesticides. Some examples are:

  • Using the native fishes of Australia to feed off on mosquito larvae.
  • You can use dung beetles to bury and break down cow manure so flies won’t be able to breed on it.

Unfortunately, there are also instances where biological methods went wrong. That’s why it is best to always research and study thoroughly before any application, or else your plan might backfire.

Pesticide Treatment Program

It’s a specific program designed to rid of all the pests with the benefits of using a few pesticides. However, they are full of dangerous chemicals that are toxic to the human body and are only advisable to use if there is no other resort left. Before you begin on a pesticide treatment program, make sure you have already tried different methods of pest control, such as the ones mentioned above. It is extremely crucial to follow the directions written on the label when applying the pesticide.

If all else fails, calling pest control gilbert is never too late. They are professionals equipped to handle any pest infestation in your home or your garden. Don’t hesitate to call the experts!


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