Easy Ways to Remove Mold From Your Home

2No matter the climate, you can find mold spores everywhere. Mold is a type of fungi that is dangerous to your health. It is also dangerous to the integrity of your household items and other structures in the home. If you believe that there is mold in your house, then you need mold remediation from experts. Otherwise, there are easy DIY ways to remove mold.

Know Where to Find Them 

Mildew is a very common type of mold that you can find in your home. It causes a musty odor that you can smell in your house. You can find these in damp places like your basement or bathroom. If the odor is so noticeable, it means that an area of the house has a lot of mildew in it. Test with a cotton swab with chlorine bleach. Mildew will make the stain disappear in two minutes. You can find them in soft wood, walls, or damaged surfaces of the house.

Know What Products Kill Mold

Chlorine bleach can destroy mold and can even get rid of discoloration. Hydrogen peroxide can kill mold too and make the stains lighter. Distilled white vinegar can destroy mold using acid. Also, borax and baking soda have a high pH that can prevent mold from growing.

Remove Mold From the Interior of the Home

Use detergent mixed with bleach and water. The ratio should be 1:10:20. Use a sponge or mop to apply to porous surfaces such as drywall or wood. Air dry this instead of rinsing. The solution will kill the mold. Remove all carpets with mold. If it has a musty smell, it must have mold in it. Vacuum mold spores thoroughly and clean the area where the carpet once was.

Remove Mold From Exterior Home Surfaces

When getting rid of mold from house siding, use chlorine bleach. This chemical works well with stone, brick, or concrete. However, cover the plants around with heavy plastic sheeting. Chlorine bleach is harmful to plants. Use plain water to wet the areas with mold. Scrub the area to remove the stains. Air-dry everything instead of rinsing.

Hire Professionals

If you can’t find where the mold is precisely, hire professionals. Also, if the problem is bigger than you think, get someone who knows mold better. Professionals have protective gear against the mold while you don’t. If there’s ten or more square feet of mold around you, it’s time you let the professionals take care of it.

Some Final Words

Mold remediation could be simple for some homeowners. However, if the problem is bigger than you can handle, you should contact http://onestopservicesllc.com/ right away. The longer you let the mold stay in your house, the more your family will be in danger.…

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