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Attractions In Nova Scotia

The Best Tourist Attractions In Nova Scotia

A lot of tourists only focus on a country’s capital without realizing that some of the beauty it offers lies in the provinces as well. Canada’s own Nova Scotia has several attractions good enough to make you want to stay longer. Why not try and visit with the help of eta kanada, and make your bucket list of attractions to check out in Nova Scotia? This article will help you get started with that

Cabot Trail

It only takes three to five days’ worth of hiking for you to experience the magnificent view this place has to offer. Along the way, you will see a lot of beautiful ocean views, villages, and see restaurants that serve freshly made food with natural ingredients. Cabot trail is a favorite of tourists around the world because it instantly takes your breath away the moment you step foot on their place.

Peggy’s Cove

Nova Scotia is also known as “Canada’s Ocean Playground” thanks to Peggy’s Cove. One of Canada’s famous lighthouses resides in this area. With the fresh air and breathtaking view, you can go for a hike and enjoy the climb.  This place also has a unique fishing village. All in all, every site is a picture-perfect scenery.


Lunenburg is one of the British colonial towns awarded as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Despite standing for many years, Lunenburg can still give you Instagram-worthy images because of their colorful homes, local shops and cuisines, and boat tours. Imagine the history and culture this place has in store for you!

Halifax Waterfront

Due to its location, Halifax Waterfront automatically gives you one of the best sunset views there is. Along the walkway, there are bars and restaurants flagged with tourists and locals alike, enjoying the ambiance and view.

Nova Scotia Good Cheer Tail

If you’re the type of person who loves delving into a country’s sumptuous cuisine, it might be a good idea to visit Good Cheer Trail. This place includes numerous wineries, distilleries, breweries, and cideries you can try. You may also want to go on a picnic on Citadel Hill which also comes with a beautiful view–something Nova Scotia is known always to have.  One day definitely won’t be enough to explore and taste the drinks this place has to offer.