4 Power Saving Tips for Home-based Businesses

If you’d ask home-based businesses to name their biggest expense, most will provide you the same answer – electricity costs. While you can quickly purchase an Eaton UPS to reduce energy loss in your system and save a huge amount of money, there are also other ways to conserve energy, and most can be accomplished using simple efforts. Here are four useful power saving tricks to jumpstart your cost savings.


Take an energy audit.


Having a thorough energy audit can help you discover the outset energy use of your business. Then, based on the findings, you will be able to know specific guidelines on how you could save energy. Most electric utility companies provide free audits. A professional will visit your business and make a full inspection of the entire location to check for insulation issues, air leaks, or options to install energy-efficient tools.


Avoid phantom energy.


Phantom energy is the electricity that is still being consumed by any equipment that stays plugged in but not necessarily in use. A simple way to reduce costs is switching off and unplugging as many tools as possible during the end of the day. These devices include not only your computers but also your coffee makers, toasters, and other appliances.


Alternatively, you can have them linked to power strips or surge protectors so that you may shut down several tools at a time with by just flipping of a single switch.


Start using fans.


You can slice your energy usage in your home-based business quickly by running fans in your warehouses, showroom, kitchens, or office. These fans keep air circulation so you won’t stress your HVAC unit and it can run more efficiently.


Maximize natural sunlight.


If you are lucky enough to have a home-based business where natural light is abundant, then, take advantage of it! During a sunny day, you may opt to turn off lights light where windows can provide the right amount of illumination the area needs. For those locations where natural light isn’t available, make sure to throw out those regular incandescent bulbs and switch them up with energy efficient bulbs such as  LED or CFL.


There are lots of other ways to save energy at your home-based business, and these are only a few suggestions. These acts may be simple, but remember that every less kilowatt of power you consume, the less you have to pay.